Fine Art


Soft Pastel

These drawings came about by a happy accident. I made a mistake with a soft pastel, laying down a hard, black line on my page. Unable to correct it, I changed directions and used hard lines to create an entire image. That drawing led me to this method, where I use tape to section off portions of my underdrawing, and then use color blocking to fill in the image. I simplify the shapes—and at times distort them—to highlight the sharp lines.

Pastel drawing of a woman with abstract shadows on a mauve background Pastel drawing of an orange soda bottle and a white mug on a deep green background Pastel drawing of the Southern Utah Museum of Art Pastel drawing of a woman with a blue background

Stippled Ink

This first image, which took over twelve hours to create, used freeform stippling to build up values. The second set of images neglect value, opting for the lines of dots to build the forms. These portraits were used in The Queer Agenda.

Stipled illustration of a tortoise
Stipled illustration of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Stipled illustration of Sally Ride