Exhibited Images

"Monument" — Multiple exhibits

These photographs use the figure of homosexual men to depict famous Utah landscapes, including those from Arches National Park, Goblin Valley State Park, and slot canyons. These regional images consider how humans and Earth shape each other, and the relationship between gender and sexual minorities and the Beehive State.

Exhibits include the Festival of Excellence (2020), Western Regional Honors Council Conference (2020), and the Queer Spectra Arts Festival (2020).

The series can be seen here.

"Delicate Arch" — Weird and Wonderful show

Easily my most controversial image in college, “Delicate Arch” depicts the famous Utah monument seen on license plates and postcards using the nude male figure. My university’s Photography Club posted an open call for their show, Weird and Wonderful, and this image, in which a man’s body seemingly disappears from the waist up, definitely fit the bill! This picture has only minor edits, with the pose done in-camera.

A nude man bent over in a pose similar to Utah's famous Delicate Arch


During the summer prior to my final year of undergraduate studies, I joined artists from Southern Utah University and the University of Oklahoma on a two week trip around the Great Basin region of the U.S. In various media, we documented the history, geography, and art of the western United States, with emphasis given to the connection between people and the earth.

The series can be seen here.

"Coming Out" — Human show

I’ve known I was gay since sixth grade, and after eight years of hiding who I was, I finally came out. I painted a rainbow under both eyes the day I made the announcement, and this image was used for a campus media article and on my social media. It was later exhibited in my university’s Photography Club’s show, Human.

Image of an eye with a rainbow painted beneath it