Utah Public Lands

Having lived in southern Utah for four years, I saw the beautiful and bizarre geography unique to the area. The colors and formations were birthed from the most unlikely combinations of tectonic activity and climate, and they exist in a transitional state. These iconic vistas are constantly in flux, and many of the state’s iconic monuments could collapse in our lifetime.

I travelled the state during a transitional time—between autumn and winter, between graduation and my first full-time job—to enjoy and document this one-of-a-kind place. These photos were taken in National and State Parks in southwest, southcentral, and southeast Utah.

Balanced Rock in Arches National Park Underneath one of the arches in the Double Arch monument in Arches National Park A mountain in the Kolob Canyons, part of Zion National Park A small hoodoo, sometimes called a 'goblin,' in Goblin Valley State Park View of the La Sal Mountains from Arches National Park