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UVU Alumni Pride Phone Wallpapers

To participate in Pride, UVU’s Alumni office asked me to create phone wallpapers for alums and current students to screenshot. There was no messaging determined or design ideas, so I was given free rein to create. This was posted on Instagram, so in addition to an intro graphic, I created four wallpapers:

  1. Adapting the university’s message of “come as you are,” I featured fifteen different pride flags on the graphic. This indicates the university’s willingness to accept all members of the LGBTQ community.
  2. I applied a campus mural stating “UVU, A Place For You,” on a rainbow background that gave emphasis to UVU’s branded green.
  3. For those who wanted less rainbow, the third wallpaper featured a campus image with several overlapping hearts in the sky. They enclose the “loved as you are” message.
  4. To round out the wallpapers with a less-branded option, the final design included a rainbow gradient with only the word “Pride.”
Phone with a campus image overlayed with rainbow and the text 'UVU Phone Wallpapers. Get ready to screenshot.'
Graphic with a green background and the text 'loved as you are' and 15 different pride flags Rainbow background with sylized text saying 'UVU: A Place for You' Campus image wiht rainbow hearts in the sky and the text 'Loved as you are' Rainbow background with the word 'Pride' and a green shadow