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UVU President's Emerald Society Spring Retreat

Utah Valley University’s (UVU) President’s Emerald Society (PES) is an elite circle of visionary philanthropists who are the university’s closest advisers and partners. For the group’s annual spring retreat (which took place during the pre-vaccine portion of the COVID-19 pandemic), the UVU Executive Events team wanted to create an experience that felt like an escape from the trials of pandemic life, while staying COVID-safe. To do this, they incorporated a travel theme into the event, which was held at the university’s airport hangar.

A collection different-sized print materials showing the design for the event. Most of them have a dark green background with a map overlayed in the background.

Creative Process

Because the group couldn’t travel far due to the state of the pandemic, I designed a map of a bejeweled fantasyland inspired by maps of Utah’s famous Arches National Park. I could have showcased world landmarks or more-literally referenced a destination, but we were approaching a year since the first COVID lockdown, and doing so would risk bumming out the guests because they couldn’t actually travel much during this time.

The map was applied to various pieces of collateral, including invitations, signage, and digital assets. Since the event was at the hangar and highlighted the growing UVU Aviation Program, I was asked to design the pattern for a paper airplane that attendees could make at the event and bring home extras for their families to make.

A custom map for the event with black ink on off-white paper. A woman folding a paper into a paper airplane. A group of people standing together with their arms up after throwing paper airplanes.

Creative Team

Billy Clouse — Graphic Designer

Lindsay Watson — Graphic Designer

Christie Denniston — Senior Director, Marketing and Strategic Communications

Ashton Stitt — Executive Events Team Lead