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Foreskin Day 2023

When I was approached by Intact America about creating the visual language for such a wild, outrageous, and flamboyant project, I couldn’t say no! The prospect of working on a brand that would be both fun and strategic was too intriguing to pass up.

In the United States, the foreskin usually gets a bad reputation. It is often only brought up in the context of circumcision, one of America’s most common, and perhaps most controversial, surgical procedures. To disarm tension, and to celebrate foreskin, I created a playful, vibrant, and over-the-top branding system that gives the viewer permission to giggle and release any tension.

Logo that says 'Foreskin Day! April 4' with colorful backgrounds. Five color schemes cycle in this gif

Creative Process

When working on this brand, playfulness was the most important aspect. I used 80s-inspired typography to make the logo both playful and professional. To breathe life into the brand, I created a colorful palette with quite a bit of variation to ensure it would never get stale. In addition, I added a few patterns and visual elements, such as a circular foreskin print, made by adding ink to the tip of the foreskin and pressing onto paper.

Circular finger-print shaped graphic made from a foreskin
Color palette with four blues, two oranges, yellow, and four pinks


The website was the hub for all things Foreskin Day. Early on in the process, we decided not to include a navigation bar, instead allowing the homepage to preview each of the sections. Each section had a different color story, which matched its corresponding page.

After sketching and wireframing a site that was clean, open, and fun, I helped curate the content and began coding the website. The site was used to promote the programming for the day, share information, and link out to merch.

To view the website, click here
Computer and phone with the website design on a blue background

Merch & Playlist

To add even more fun to the programming of the inaugural Foreskin Day, I pitched creating print-on-demand merch. I created a variety of products and designs to let people choose which level of over-the-top they wanted. From shirts to hats to underwear that included messages from “I love my foreskin” to “foreskin fanatic” to “uncut king,” we had success with the merch shop.

Shortly before the event, I decided to compile a fun and sex-positive playlist to go along with the other content the Intact America team created. Both on YouTube and Spotify, the music added some fun to Foreskin Day!

Man in a red shirt that says 'foreskin fanatic' inside a heart
Man in a navy shirt that has the Foreskin Day logo in yellow Man wearing a blue patterned pair of boxer briefs with a yellow waistband that says 'Uncut King' Man in a black and white hat that says 'I love my foreskin' Man in a black sweatshirt that says Uncut King'' in blue

Social Media

To spread the word, I created 15 shareable social media graphics using the Foreskin Day branding. Each design had both a square and social media story version, making them adaptable to different platforms. Several examples are below.

Woman licking a lollipop with the text 'Foreskin is the candy, not the wrapper' Image of a man's back with a set of hands on it with the text 'Foreskin — More to Love' Image of a man holding a banana with the Foreskin Day logo above it' Image of an anteater plush wearing a turtleneck and the text 'foreskin' inside a heart

Creative Team

Billy Clouse — Creative Director

Dan Bollinger — Vice Chairperson

Georganne Chapin — Executive Director, Chairperson

Stephen Patterson — Director of Communications

Kelly Floyd — Manager of Community Programs