Campaign Farm Trip

While campaigning to represent Utah’s Second Congressional District, Nick Mitchell travelled to Bluebell Utah to talk with farmers, ranchers, and community members. The trip was intended to inform Nick’s policy positions as they relate to water, an increasingly-scarce resource in the state.

Around 80% of Utah’s water is allocated to agriculture, and many in cities blame those working in this industry for the lack of resources. By listening and asking questions, Nick learned the nuances of why alfalfa, one of the most water-intensive crops, is grown in one of the driest parts of the country.

Two men stand in a field and discuss equipment in the background Two men bent over in a field, looking at and discussing alfalfa Two men standing in a field, leaning against equipment Two men standing next to an oil rig Two men standing on a bridge overlooking a dried lake, with foliage blurred in the foreground Two standing in a field in front of equipment Four men and one woman talk at a fair, with vehicles and flags in the background