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EverGREEN, the Campaign for UVU

Less than a year into my time at UVU, I created “EverGREEN,” a concept for Utah Valley University’s inaugural comprehensive campaign. In its 80-year history, UVU had never embarked on a fundraising campaign as ambitious as this, with the goal of raising $350 million. The fundraising began quietly in 2018, with the development of the theme beginning in 2021.

Marketers from across campus developed over 20 potential campaign themes, and eventually, UVU’s president selected my concept. Over the next several months, EverGREEN developed. The design inspirations, storyline, patterns, imagery, and typography all remained the same throughout this process, while the campaign mark did change.

In October 2022, EverGREEN, the Campaign for UVU, went public with great fanfare at the 2022 President’s Scholarship Ball.

'EVERGREEN' on a green background Group of people on stage clapping

Creative Process

The process for creating this campaign started with a blank sketchbook page. After some thought on UVU’s history and mission, I wrote down words such as “opportunity,” “envision,” “perpetual,” and “Evergreen.” The last of these options seemed most fitting, so I began ideating.

A focal point of UVU’s main campus in Orem is a stained glass installation called “Roots of Knowledge.” Beginning the artwork’s story is Methusellah, one of the oldest bristlecone pines on earth. These trees, often referred to as “trees of knowledge,” survive through resilience and adapting to their environment. This metaphor is perfect for UVU, which started as a trade school prior to WWII and has since adapted to become the state’s largest university. True to its roots, the institution has a dual mission, with abundant program offerings for both two- and four-year degrees.

Lastly, the university’s location provided inspiration. Built on a sand and gravel quarry using modular architecture, the campus buildings have many lines and layers. With all of these references, I began to design through several iterations.

The final result is an iconic, juxtaposed look and feel. While the campaign mark and patterns are modular to reflect the buildings, they are softened by the lively greens. The older, industrial display font is contrasted with a storybook, asymmetrical serif typeface that was released in 2021. The images, which are often displayed in pairs, showcase the university’s history along with its aspirations.

To view the campaign style guide, click here
Image of the Stained Glass artwork 'Roots of Knowledge' specifically showing a tree and stars Image of a gnarled Bristlecone Pine Image of a modular, concrete building
Image of a block of text formatted using campaign fonts Green colors, an industrial font, and two previous institution logos
Greyscale image of students standing outside in graduation regalia above a color image of a single student in a cap and gown Color image of a female working on a robotic arm above a greyscale image of a man working on auto mechanics equipment Greyscale image of three students and a teacher around equpiment above a color image of a teacher and student at a desk
Minimalist pattern made of rectangles of various green colors Minimalist pattern made of triangles of various green colors

Application on Collateral

With the campaign only a few months post-launch, collateral is beginning to be created. With warmer typography and classy patterns, new fundraising items have a friendlier look and feel. From event invitations to case statements to proposals, all university fundraising collateral is getting a facelift to match the theme of EverGREEN. Some promotional items, featuring the patterns, are also being created.

In addition to the visuals, a new messaging map has been created by UVU marketers to share the university’s story of growth, resilience, and ambition. Throughout the life of the campaign, the messaging and visuals will evolve, keeping the campaign relevant for several years while fundraising is underway.

To view the campaign website, click here
Green event invitation on a marble background Document on a green backround. The left page includes two imagges and 13 infographics, the right page includes a paragraph of text that is stylized with white space around the outside
Scarf Tie
PowerPoint slide with an image of a student working on a robot and a green side bar

Creative Marketing Team

(from idea conception to launch)

Billy Clouse — Graphic Designer

Lindsay Watson — Assistant Art Director

Christie Denniston — Associate Vice President, Strategic Engagement

John Kung — Senior Director, Creative Services

Jenna Bunkall — Program Manager, IA Marketing & Campaign Initiatives

Ali Nolan — Director of Integrated Marketing

Heather Bergeson — Writer

Andrew Funk — Web Content Manager

David Vick — Writer