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Dick Pics

As an Intactivist, I believe we are all born with the innate rights to bodily autonomy and genital integrity. In the West, we collectively agree that Female Genital Mutilation is wrong, yet so many believe only girls should have the protection from non-therapeutic genital cutting. While there is an alarming number of non-therapeutic gender reassignment surgeries performed on intersex infants, this series focuses on one of the most common elective surgeries in the U.S.: circumcision.

This surgery is performed not for medical reasons, but for social ones. There’s virtually no difference in the health of intact and circumcised individuals; the biggest difference is that circumcised people are missing thousands of nerve endings.

These photos aim to showcase the natural beauty of the male foreskin. The first photo depicts the ridged band (where the outer and inner foreskin meet), which is one of the most erogenous and visually interesting parts of the body. The second photo depicts an intact penis as a 3D anaglyph — put on 3D glasses and the image comes to life!

Note: This series is ongoing. I’m looking to add more images of male foreskins, and eventually, will consider expanding it to include depictions of female foreskins.

Macro shot of a penile rigged band on a blurred background Anaglyph of a penis; when viewed with 3D glasses, the image appears three-dimesnional