Fine Art Photography

Dark Room


At the age of 13, I underwent two spinal surgeries to correct two cases of scoliosis and a case of kyphosis. This experience was quite a painful one; the lower lobe of my left lung collapsed, I fainted if I stood for too long, and a bone infection required me to remain hooked up to an IV for over a month after leaving the hospital. For the first photogram, I created a symbolic self-portrait. Before exposing the rods, which represent the two titanium poles I’ll have in my back for the rest of my life, I splashed some of the stopping solution onto the paper to depict blood.

The other two photograms focused on form rather than narrative. I exposed apothecary jars to various lighting sources and moved the source of the light around to change the forms cast onto the paper.

Photogram of two rods with splatters Photogram of circles cast from glass Photogram of circles cast from glass


The first image is a double exposure of a bell tower, which is a prominent symbol of my university. With the structure appearing twice, the cloudy development, and the gnarled tree, the image gives off a spooky feeling. This image was created with a holga camera.

The other two landscapes were created using a custom-made pinhole camera. The vignette that appears on both are from the camera.

Double exposure of a bell tower Worms-eye landscape of a university campus Landscape of a river, bridge, and mountain