SUUSA Campaigns

Billy Clouse for CPVA Senator

Before entering the final year of my undergraduate studies, a friend recommended that I campaign to represent the College of Performing and Visual Arts (CPVA) in SUUSA, the school’s student government. When I did this, I was the first visual arts student to run in years, and I knew I had to be creative to win against theatre students.

I threw emphasis heavily to my first name to show that I would be approachable. My design was loud enough to stand out among the other campaign posters, but subdued enough to not be overwhelming. A similar aesthetic was used for Instagram carousels. The type treatment for my name ultimately evolved into my current personal branding.

Although I felt that I knew many of the students in my department, I didn’t know enough of the music, theatre, and dance students, so I included endorsements from a few people I knew in each program. I placed the most relevant poster in studios and buildings for the programs.

This campaign was successful, and I served as the CPVA Senator during my senior year.

Poster with image of the candidate, logo, a texture, and some text An animation showing six variations of my SUUSA campaign poster
Three social media posts for the campaign

Kiri Strack for VP of Finance

While serving in my elected position, I sat on the Budget and Finance Committee. There, I met Kiri Strack, a passionate math major who ran for the Vice President of Finance position the following year. She asked me to work on her campaign branding, and we ultimately decided to use gold rather than green to represent finance, and the slogan “Vote small, win big.”

This was a play off her height — she was easily the shortest candidate — and this gave me the idea to make tiny cards (1.5 x 2 inches) to hand out during campaigning. This gave us a unique piece of collateral to hand out, and while it may be easy to misplace, it was memorable. Unfortunately, this campaign was unsuccessful.

Poster with image of the candidate, yellow background, and some text Tiny cards with information about Kiri, with starburst candies to show the scale

Andrew Clemons for President

During the campaign cycle in which I was elected, Andrew Clemons was elected as the Vice President of Finance. He considered running for Student Body President for the next year, and although he decided against it, I designed some preliminary materials.

Before starting the design, I interviewed Andrew, and while he wasn’t too set on any visual identity, he mentioned that he would likely have a large campaign team again for this election. Since we would have this resource, I designed posters and handouts that would have to be cut out. This would have shown that students supported him enough to spend quite a bit of time helping his campaign, as well as make his materials stand out visually.

A wall of posters including one cut out in the shape of the candidate Cards in the same shape as the poster for handing out to voters