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The Tragedy of the Romanovs Website

When the 2016 Broadway musical, “Anastasia,” came out, I quickly fell in love with the soundtrack, history, and fantasy of the story. This website provides a quick overview of the reign of Czar Nicholas II, the execution of his family, and the rumors and mystery that circled the disaster.

This story is a mix of beauty and tragedy, so I combined bold, photographic letterforms with a supersaturated, violent red to capture these two ideas. In addition to designing this minimal website, I hand-coded it. This project is responsive and includes a feature to update the years since each event automatically.

To view the website, click here
A phone, tablet, and desktop computer showing the website design
Czar Nicholas sitting in the letter 'M' The cellar where the family was killed in the letter 'E' The Romanov family sitting in the letter 'R'