Publication Design

Annual Report:
Planned Parenthood

For a publication design course, I was tasked with redesigning an annual report. I considered a number of organizations close to my heart — Intact America and Equality Utah didn’t have an annual report, and the HeForShe report was too long for this assignment. I chose Planned Parenthood’s 2017-18 report because it had a solid foundation that I wanted to improve upon.

The first step of redesigning this report was consolidating information where possible. I kept many of the visuals from the original report, and consolidated from 36 pages to 24. At the time, the organization had recently rebranded, so I made sure to use their new blue-centric color scheme while still honoring its pink history.

To view the annual report, click here

Note: This report is a passion project; while it used content from Planned Parenthood, it is not an official Planned Parenthood document.

Magazine spread showing some of the annual report design