Other Logos

SUU Pride Alliance

When Allies on Campus was renamed as SUU Pride Alliance, the directors asked me to refresh their logo for on-campus use. They wanted to keep the inverted triangle and rainbow from their original logo.

I provided two variations to this updated logo. The first, which has the organization’s name in red, is used for shirts, as well as for small sizes. On the shirts, the rainbow triangle is large enough to be recognized while allowing the name to be easily read. While the rainbow is less prominent at small sizes, this version makes the text more legible.

The second variation, which has an entirely-rainbow triangle, is used on the stickers placed outside the office doors of faculty who have completed the Safe Zone Training. Since the rainbow is such a well-known symbol, emphasis was given to it so the stickers can be seen from a distance. From there, any student interested in knowing what it was for could approach and see the meaning.

Pride Alliance alternate logo with a rainbow triangle Pride Alliance logo with a rainbow triangle
Two men wearing white Pride Alliance shirts Two women wearing white Pride Alliance shirts
Stickers with the Pride Alliance logo and the text 'Safe Zone Trained'

Cedar Music Fest Rebrand

A dear friend of mine organized the first Cedar Music Fest, a university-adjacent, community event. Following the first year’s success, she asked me to modify the original branding. She liked the concept the original designer had, but she felt the vertical lines made it feel industrial and off-balance.

My revision still showcased a landscape, but this one was specific to Cedar City, Utah, rather than a generic landscape. The mountains of Cedar Canyon are in red, formations of Kolob Canyon are in orange, and the sun is in yellow. I also created a preliminary design for a website. About a week after the new logo was approved, the festival was cancelled due to budget cuts, so this project came to a halt.

To view the web design, click here
Image of the old and new Cedar Music Fest logos, which are based on the red rock landscapes of southern Utah An alternate, horizontal version of the logo Mockup of the website concept